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If you are having issues with your wallet, these are some helpful steps you can try on your own to get yourself back up and running. Should your issue persist, the community predominantly congregates on Telegram to offer support, and you should join the Telegram support channel to seek further assistance. Keep in mind the channel moderators / admins are only there to remove spam and should not be DM'd. You should also NEVER give your wallet recovery seed to anybody, and you should presume anybody privately messaging you to offer support is a scammer. Do not message them back!

I can't connect to any peers, and cannot sync in Android / iOS (Stuck at 5%)

This is likely a DNS issue caused by a lot of budget / freely provided home routers. You want to do the following steps:

  1. Turn off your WiFi on your phone
  2. Power off your device
  3. Power it back on while connected to JUST mobile-data such as a 3G / 4G data connection
  4. Fire up the DigiByte mobile app and wait for the syncing to begin
  5. Once syncing has begun, you can re-join your WiFi

You must do these steps in this order so that when your phone powers on, it asks your mobile-carrier for DNS. Often times home routers will keep providing stale DNS entries to devices such as Cellphones on WiFi, meaning even if you reboot your phone while on WiFi you still won't have much luck.

It should begin to sync within a couple of seconds once you have re-opened the app again.

Should you still have issues even following this troubleshooting steps above, you can also go to Menu -> Settings -> Sync blockchain, and it will perform a full re-sync. This will not affect your funds, but will take approx 20-30 minutes.

Why do I have no connection to peers in DigiByte Core?

You likely have a firewall blocking connections, or a DNS issue. You can try bringing up the Debug menu and entering:

addnode add
addnode add
addnode add

When entering these in, it will not give any "Success" or similar message. No response means it worked, and you should then be connected to that peer.

This should help "jump start" your connection to the DigiByte network and aid you in finding further peers after that.

Why won't my older version of DigiByte Core fully sync? Even after updating?

If you haven't opened the DigiByte Core Wallet in a while, or opened it while running an older version after the Odocrypt network upgrade took place, it's likely that you sync'd a few blocks from the non-Odocrypt blockchain. As a result now, the wallet isn't wanting to "undo" the sync of those blocks, despite you having upgraded.

Don't worry though, your funds are still 100% safe, and the fix is an easy one, you just need to re-sync with the blockchain once you've upgraded your wallet to the latest.

You can download the latest DigiByte Core wallet from GitHub before beginning:

Firstly, backup your existing wallet as a precautionary measure (You should already have a backup, take another one). If you have your Core Wallet open, you can go to File -> Backup menu.

Second, you'll need to remove the old Blocks / Indexes directories on your PC. This is in a different place depending on your Operating System:




~/Library/Application Support/DigiByte/

Which is also the same as:

/Users/Username/Library/Application Support/DigiByte/



Find and remove the "Blocks" directory, and (if it exists) the "indexes" directory as well. You can safely leave the other files there, and you especially want to make sure you DO NOT remove the wallet.dat or Wallets folder.

Fire up the Core Wallet again (7.17.2 at the time of writing) and it will re-download the blockchain. The sync process could take a couple of hours, but once completed you will see all your funds are there, safe and sound.

How can I move my funds out of a stuck wallet

There are two ways that you can move your funds out of a stuck wallet. It is recommended you do this as a last resort if you are unable to get your wallet working, and you should seek help from the DigiByte Telegram support channel members where possible.

The first is sweeping your funds to a new wallet. This is the recommended method, as it is the fastest, easiest, most hassle-free way to proceed. However this is not compatible with wallets containing DigiAssets (The assets will be burned during sweeping), and there is a small fee that goes to the developers of this service.

The second is importing your old wallet in to Coinomi. This is slightly more cumbersome but will keep your DigiAssets (for example from DigiByte Go) in-tact, and there is no transaction-fee / sweep-fee incurred.

1. Sweeping your funds to a new wallet

You will need to have a *new* wallet already created on another application such as the DigiByte Android or iOS app, or you can choose another from the 40+ available at

Once you have a new receiving address for your new wallet, you will need to enter your recovery phrase details for your old wallet in to It will give you the details of your balance that it has found, then simply add the new destination address and it will sweep the funds for you. Once you have confirmed the funds have been received, you should discard your old recovery phrase and not re-use it anywhere.

Keep in mind DigiSweep does not yet support DigiAssets, so DigiAsset holding wallets should not be swept this way, and instead should simply be restored on the DigiByte Android or iOS wallet normally, or using the second method.

2. Importing your DigiByte Go Wallet in to Coinomi

Install the Coinomi app for Android / iOS / PC / macOS, links available:

When prompted, enter your 12-word DigiByte Go recovery phrase. You will see a slider for Advanced Settings which gives you BIP39 options, leave this off for now.

Proceed to the next screen where it will get you to password-protect this on your phone, you may proceed with a password or drag the slider to the left to proceed without password-protection.

At the list of new coins to add, you can tap once on DigiByte and a small cog will appear to the right-hand side of that row, tap on the cog.

Give it a new name, such as "DigiByte Go", and then enter a custom derivation path:


Tap OK, and then tap the "+" down the bottom-right. You will now be taken back to the main Coinomi screen for DigiByte. You now MUST now mark the DigiAsset transactions as unspendable so it doesn't burn them.

Tap on the 3-dot menu up the top-right and choose "Show unspent outputs". Tap on the transactions that are < 1200 satoshis and mark them as unspendable (Most should be 600 satoshis). These are your DigiAsset transactions.

3. Send while Synching

After an extensive level of testing by Jared, if a Core wallet experiences an issue where the main GUI balance doesn't match the send button, you can broadcast transactions while the sync is occurring to get these stuck DigiByte out of the Core wallet. In other words, if thetrue balance matches during a sync, immediately send the transaction to a different wallet and/or address of choice. You can double check on for the broadcast as well as the recipient wallet. A way to measure your true balance at any time is to type the getbalance command on the console window of the wallet.

Issue loading Encryption Library

Error: "The main encryption library has failed to load, the app will now close to allow re-opening the app to retry" This is happening repeatedly after full sync on some Android 10 units.

Cause: Some Facebook related libraries are missing on phones that does not ship with the Facebook app pre-installed and user does not use Facebook.

You want to do the following steps:
1. Install Facebook app from Play Store.
2. Launch Facebook app, no need to sign in, close Facebook app.
3. Launch DigiByte Wallet, wait for sync to start, close wallet app.
4. Uninstall Facebook app.
5. Launch DigiByte wallet app again and allow sync to complete.

This workaround may help to solve most instances encountered for this issue.

If the problem persist, please reach out on Telegram in DigiByte Official Support ⛑ group to get help with anything you might need (No Development or Mining related).