Cyptocurrency (DGB)

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Because of its incredible transaction speed, low fees, and mobile wallets in over 55 languages, DigiByte is very suitable as a currency.

DigiByte can be also stored on many different type of wallets, including hardware wallets and 3rd party storage solutions.

DigiByte is focusing on integration into different Payment Processing Solutions.


Some Examples:


  • UTRUST cryptocurrency payment solutions for merchants, with instant transactions, buyer protection & crypto-to-cash settlements.


  • Paytomat, a ready-to-install cryptocurrency payment solutions for merchants into existing systems.


  • DigiCafé a simple, mobile point of sale that allows your business to accept in-person DigiByte payments.


  • PayByte a multi platform payment gateway, including WooCommerce platform.


There are many other solutions, like cards and applications for paying with DigiByte or receiving payments in DigiByte.

For a complete list of payment processors, please see DigiByte payment processors.