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"Everyone that is working on DigiByte is an unpaid volunteer who devoted their time and skills to a project they believe in."

Integrity is one of the most important characteristics of DigiByte team members. All members are trustworthy and have the best intentions. When dealing with an ICO project or a company with paid employees managing a project, there is always the risk of having people focussed on money, instead of real dedication to the project. In a decentralized community like DigiByte, all active members are unpaid volunteers, dedicating free time, resources and money out of own pockets to support the project.
There will be no fraud, corruption or illegal actions. History has proven that the decentralized nature of the DigiByte community produces a self-improving system. If someone fails or seems to have wrong intentions, it will get noticed by others and that person will get blocked, ignored and excluded from the community.

DigiByte Core team

The Core Development team is focused solely on the development of the project & the Core Outreach team is solely focused on outreach together with the DigiByte Awareness team. Because DigiByte is not a company, Marketing is being produced by different members of the DigiByte Community. Some are organized in groups and using their skills to create awareness and encourage adoption. Groups like DGBAT (DigiByte Awareness Team) and DUN (DigiByte Unlimited Network) are a blessing for DigiByte. Because the community is growing we see these groups growing and improving, and more of these working groups will appear in the future.

Social Media


  • DigiAssets Protocol GitHub (Secure, scalable secondary layer on top of the global DigiByte blockchain that allows for the decentralized issuance of assets, tokens, smart contracts, digital identity and much more)


  • Jared Tate - Founder of DigiByte & Core Developer Twitter Telegram LinkedIn Email Github
  • Gary Mckee (WB) - Core Developer Twitter Telegram
  • Frederick (GTO90) - Core Developer Telegram Github
  • MentalCollatz - Core Developer Github
  • Noah Seidman - Android specialist Twitter Telegram Email Github
  • Yoshi Jäger - iOS & Core Developer, UX-Designer, Mobile- & FullStack-Developer. Machine learning and blockchain expert. Master in C/C++, VanillaJS, Swift, Bourne/Bash Twitter Telegram Github
  • Thomas Ploentzke - Software Developer, currently mostly (but not only) for application in macOS and iOS environment. Skills in all macOS and iOS core functionalities, including persistency, audio, bluetooth and uikit. Twitter Telegram LinkedIn Github



DigiByte Foundation

Empower the community, decentralize the world!
The DigiByte Foundation aims to protect and promote the true principles of decentralization, and empower DigiByte and its community to further establish and maintain a sustainable decentralized world. The Foundation believes decentralization is unstoppable; actually DigiByte demonstrates just that.
Our vision is to facilitate and support all of DigiByte’s community and be a pilot for the blockchain community at large. Doing so makes DigiByte a catalyst in creating decentralized solutions that can be applied in the social, political and economical landscape.
Core values the Foundation subscribes to are Decentralization, Inclusiveness, Permissionless, Integrity, Transparency – openness, Consensus and Thought leadership
The Strategic focus points are: Outreach, Awareness, Education and Adoption
It is important to remember that the Foundation serves two purposes, and two purposes only; promote decentralization and empower the DigiByte community. A great way to facilitate engagement is to “tie in” the community is a membership. With active membership involvement, DigiByte and its Foundation sets it apart from the rest of the Foundations and other cryptos. Moreover, it sets a new standard for how we see interaction with the community.
The DigiByte Foundation is a volunteer managed organization that operates in a nonprofit way. Therefore aspects like accountability, trustworthiness, honesty, and openness to all stakeholders is seen as essential.

Social Media




-Hans Koning

Drs. Koning has been in the forefront of nascent technologies for more than 25 years. Either as advisor, investor, or as observer, ever since the birth of internet he is committed to learn and guide new technologies in finding its way into society and businesses from the non-technical perspective. He finds it important what technology can do socially, economically and in terms of regulation, rather than how it works. This resulted in a long track record of helping young companies grow and succeed in all corners of the world. He prides himself in having achieved a unique combination of hands-on experience from being involved in the blockchain world and crypto community for 5 years, and on the other hand academic research and insights from his research PhD he is currently pursuing.

LinkedIn Twitter Email


Secretary & Vice-Chair

-Rudy Bouwman

Rudy is working in the Information Technology for more than 30 years. He has an education in Information Technology and finished a study Senior Management at the Institute of Social Sciences in The Netherlands. Starting as a computer engineer, Rudy developed his career in different management positions and the last 20 years he has a position as shareholder and Director in a IT Maintenance company. In 2017 Rudy started learning about Blockchain Technology and was convinced about the revolutionary impact on society and wanted to play a role in there. Rudy has applied his knowledge and business experiences as core member of DigiByte by reaching out to companies, building and maintaining international relations, and looking for integration opportunities and development of real-world use cases for DigiByte. Rudy was also involved as CMO with the creation of the DigiByte Awareness Team back in May 2018.

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-Rutger Krijnen

Rutger is a 20 years experienced Program Manager with a demonstrated history of success in IT and Telecommunications industry. He is a strong operations professional skilled in Project Management, PRINCE2, Agile/Scrum, Interim Management, ITIL, IT Service Management, and Change Management. Broad knowledge of Business Processes and IT. Seasoned in successfully managing multiple mergers and acquisitions, migrations, transformations of IT landscapes with the business goals in mind, Rutger is used to work with and to integrate different cultures in the workspace and vendors. He is very active in the block-chain space and within the DigiByte community specifically. And likes to engage with people and organizations towards the goal of creating awareness and acceptance of DigiByte.

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Vacancies Board Members


Legal & Compliance


Community Liaison


DigiByte Awareness team (DGBAT)

DGBAT is a community-driven outreach initiative founded in May 2018. It evolved out of the initial efforts of known community member Dereck de Mezquita. They aim to promote the DigiByte blockchain through education, outreach and marketing campaigns. They are proud to be part of the amazing DigiByte community and believe that the transformative nature of the DigiByte blockchain, when harnessed correctly by the right people, can contribute to a better world.

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Core Members

Marketing & Outreach



  • Lisa M - DGBAT Press Release Writer | DIGITORIALS Columnist Email


  • Alex Bogdan - DGBAT Video Producer Twitter




DigiByte Unlimited Network (DUN)

DigiByte Unlimited Network, a voluntary team dedicated to positive content creation and promoting DigiByte. DigiByte Unlimited is focused on the strengths and benefits of DigiByte through the creation and distribution of content using positive communication principles. They have a talented team with various skills dedicated to delivering positive messages on all aspects of DigiByte technology including payments, cyber security and digital assets. Positive content creation is just the beginning. At DigiByte Unlimited they understand their audience ranges from blockchain and crypto enthusiasts to people with limited understanding of this emerging technology. They are forging relationships with leaders, advocates and groups in the wider DigiByte community to deliver content and engage with their audience. They will also engage directly with various media providers and platforms. And importantly they will be encouraging everyone in the DigiByte community to embrace and share the positive content created by the DigiByte Unlimited Network.

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Core Members