DigiByte vs Bitcoin

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  • Security: 5 DigiByte mining algorithms vs. 1 Bitcoin mining algorithm. DigiByte mining is much more decentralized. DigiByte mining algorithms can be changed out in the future to prevent centralization. Side-by-side comparison decentralization of mining of Bitcoin vs Litecoin vs DigiByte.

  • Speed: DigiByte transactions occur much faster than Bitcoin transactions. 1-2 second transaction notifications. 15 second DigiByte blocks vs. 10 minute Bitcoin blocks. DigiByte has 6x block confirmations 1.5 minutes vs. 1 hour with Bitcoin.

  • Transaction Volume: DigiByte can handle many more transactions per second. Bitcoin can only handle 3-7 transactions per second. DigiByte currently can handle on-chain 1066 TPS with SegWit scaling, with fees being as low as 0,000001 USD.

  • Total Supply: More DigiBytes, lower price, more micro transactions, better price stability. 21 Billion DigiBytes will be created over 21 years. All 21 billion DigiBytes will be mined by the year 2035. Only 21 Million Bitcoin will be created over 140 years. 1:1000 ratio. 1 DigiByte for every 1000 Bitcoin.

  • Flexibility: Ability to quickly add new features. DigiByte can add new features & upgrades much quicker than Bitcoin. For future progress have a look at the DigiByte Pipeline.

  • Marketability & Usability: DigiByte is an easy brand to market to consumers, because the name DigiByte ('Digital Byte') denotes memory space like a gigabyte or megabyte. This means that valuable data can be stored on it. 1 DigiByte is much cheaper to acquire than 1 Bitcoin.